India has one of the largest proportion of youth population when compared with other countries of the world. About half of the population of India is between the age group of 18-35 years. Despite this it has been pointed out that the young people in India don’t have the required skills . This article talks about the reasons for this situation and mainly focuses on the education system of the country as it plays a major role in everyone’s life.

It has been constantly pointed out that India is the youngest country in the world. This country can provide a large number of young professionals to other countries when they face a dearth of young people in the future. Isn’t this a matter of pride for all Indians? Certainly yes. But the fact that India is not utilising this opportunity properly is very disappointing. A report in the newspaper recently pointed out that a large number of students are graduating every year in India but they don’t have the skills required in that particular field. This report points out the loopholes in the system because of which unemployment is also increasing day by day.

One cannot blame the youth because they are not provided adequate resources, training or opportunities to nurture their talent. By looking closely we can easily make out that our education system is flawed. Indian education system puts emphasis on route learning. Nobody encourages these young minds to think differently. On one hand we find that sufficient teachers are not available in the schools and on the other hand we discover that the teachers in most schools can’t teach properly. Different boards (ICSE,CBSE and state boards) contribute to this problem because all these boards have different standards. Caste based reservation system is one of the main problem which Indian society faces. This system takes away opportunities from the hard working and deserving people and gives it to the undeserved category.
Apart from the education system our society is also responsible for this problem faced by the youth. Most of the parents want their children to get a high paying job. Every child is taught to earn money by hook or by crook right from his childhood. This attitude of the parents transforms the young child into a robot without emotions or skills which constantly strives to earn money.
It is high time that some improvements are made in the education system of our country. This step will not only benefit the youth but also benefit the country as a whole.


People residing in various parts of India differ completely from each other in every manner. Their language,food,culture and tradition is very unique and different from each other. For instance a north indian and a south indian can never be alike.As a result people residing in a particular area form an image of those living in other parts of this country. Today in this article I’ll be writing about some stereotypes which North Indians have about South Indians.

  1. Everyone in south is dark skinned

This is one of the most common stereotypes which people in North India have. Being dark skinned automatically means that you are a South Indian. If some fair skinned person announces that he is a South Indian people eye him with suspicion and don’t believe him.

2. Dosa, Idli and Sambhar is the only food consumed by a South Indian

If you ever pack chapatis for lunch be prepared for questions like: ‘ oh even you eat chapatis? I thought you only ate idlis and dosas. Whenever I eat chapati for lunch around 10 people ask me this question. Well, if you can eat dosa even we can eat chapati. We are not banned from eating chapatis right? Also you would be surprised to know the varieties of food available in south (apart from idli dosa obviously)

3. South India is the name of a state.

Before explaining this point I would like to mention some geographical facts. Just like north India consists of Bihar, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh etc, south India also includes states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu etc where kannda,telugu and tamil are spoken respectively. If you interact with a South Indian don’t expect him or her to know all the languages because we know the languages of our respective states. Always keep in mind South India is not the name of a State and people living in different states in south india are different from each other.

4. All South Indians are Madrasis

Never address your South Indian friend as madrasi, I repeat never!!! We develop a sudden dislike for a person who calls us madrasi. There is no logic in using this word because India does not have a state called madras. This region has long back been renamed as Chennai (and remember south india is not one state/ chennai ) Always keep in mind that the word ‘Madrasi’ is disrespectful.





When I was young I always wanted to grow up quickly.  My elders inspired me and I wanted to be independent just like them. The idea of independence, earning money myself and becoming tall excited me. Today as I turn 19 years old, I realised that growing up is not as exciting as it seems. Along with independence and financial stability comes the burden of responsibility and maturity. Life is one of the greatest teachers and I learnt a lot from life which no book in the world can teach. Mentioned below is a list of the things which a nineteen year old learned from life( and is still learning):

  1. Nobody in the world will be with us forever: Every day we meet new people. Some of them get very close to us. We hangout with them often and promise to be with each other always. Sadly this promise is not kept by most of our friends. Only a handful of people will be there for us in our sorrows, success and in every phase of our life, while majority of the people leave us after a short period of time.
  2. As age increases, people’s expectations from us also increase: As we grow older, people around us expect us to be more responsible and mature. We are expected to look after our family members and be there for them always.
  3. Competition is everywhere: We are competing everyday with others right from our childhood and this competition becomes more challenging every year. First we competed with our siblings for our mother’s love,then with our classmates to secure top ranks in class, then with other students to get into a good college and so on.
  4. We start to live for others and not for ourselves: At one point in our life we realise that we can’t do everything we feel like doing. We have to take care of others who are dependent on us . Thus we start saving money,stop using harsh words and take better care of others, thus curbing our own desires and aspirations.
  5.             this is life.jpg


Peter wanted to become a pilot right from his childhood. He performed extremely well at school and everyone was quite certain that one day he would achieve his dreams. Peter was determined to touch the sky. But when he completed his schooling his father announced in front of everybody that his son will become an IAS officer. Peter obeyed his father’s words without any questions and never spoke about his dream again. Today Peter has become an IAS Officer but he is not happy. He still wonders how better things would have been if he followed his dreams and regrets the moment when he remained silent. He still wishes for a chance to change everything.

Peter is not just a character he is one among us. Like Peter we might also have complained about what we could not achieve in our lives completely forgetting everything we have at present. We are never happy with whatever we achieve and are constantly complaining about everything we don’t have. Life is uncertain. We should know how to remain happy always. People forget to live in the present and keep regretting about the past. We should adopt an attitude of gratitude and accept that our life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. To succeed in life, we must be optimistic and face every situation with a smile.



Every student has dreamt of scoring good marks in their school life. Some students top the class by scoring above 90% while others barely manage to get the passing marks. They feel disappointed. Everybody scolds them for not studying hard and label them as stupid. But do you know that one can easily top the class by studying smartly. Mentioned below are few tips which will help you to score better in your next exam:


This is the most important advise for all those who can’t score good marks by studying one night before the exam. When I ask you to attend all the lectures I don’t expect you to listen carefully to every word your teacher says. By attending every class you’ll get some idea of the topics which will stop you from being clueless in your exams.


If you attend the classes you’ll notice that the teacher consider certain topics to be important. Never make the mistake of not studying these important topics. Mostly your teachers prepare the question papers and they tend to put questions from these important topics.


It has now been widely observed that the topic a student considers to be the least important one comes in the exam as the question carrying the maximum marks. In order to avoid being clueless and scoring some marks for that question never make the mistake of not studying a topic.


Revising all that you learnt twice will help you in brushing all your concepts . You’ll easily recollect answers to all the questions asked in your exam. If you fall short of time make sure that you complete one round of revision of all the topics.


Before going to bed spend half an hour in revising what was taught in class. You don’t have to read everything in detail but all you need to do is skim through all the topics once to get an idea of whatever was taught in class. Revise everything at least once in a month.

By following the above mentioned methods you can easily score better. But remember one thing a method which works for one person may not work for another. Follow any other method also which works for you (along with the above mentioned methods).




Depression is a common but a serious mood disorder. It is one of the most difficult disorders to understand because it can only be felt. Sadly India is the most depressed country in the world according to WHO. India has the highest number of suicide rate in the world. All this is happening because people are embarrassed to speak about depression. They feel ashamed to speak up on this issue because of the various myths associated with this disease. Deepika Padukone, the famous Bollywood actress came forward and shared her own battle of depression to break the common stereotypes(mentioned below in this post)associated with this disease:
1) Suffering from depression and/or mental illness mean one cannot lead a normal life: A person suffering from depression leads a completely normal life. Diseases like depression are manageable with proper treatment.
2) Something must occur in one’s life to trigger depression: Depression is a disease which simply occurs without a reasonable cause. Even the happiest person can experience depression.
3) You can tell by looking at someone that he/she is mentally ill or depressed: we need to understand that it is not possible identify a person suffering from depression merely by looking at him/her.
4) People who are depressed need more love: there is no correlation between depression and love. Even those with the greatest support systems suffer from depression— people in loving relationships with amazing partners can still suffer from depression. While being loved by someone can provide one with strength and courage, it does not eradicate the feelings and symptoms of depression.



All readers might have come across questions like-“why do you waste so much time in reading books?” OR “what pleasure can one derive from such a boring activity like reading?” at some point in our lives. Reading is not merely a hobby or a time pass activity for avid readers but it is an indispensable part of our lives. Bookoholics can spend a day without logging into social networking websites but not without reading a book. Every reader starts reading a book with excitement but ends up crying when the book finishes. A fun filled party is not something which a bibliophile craves for but a lovely day with a book provides us satisfaction and happiness. Every book contains an exciting story which transports a reader to a completely new world. A big and a beautiful house fails to inspire us but a house full of books is our idea of a dream house. The relationship of a book and a reader is very intense and it cant be explained in words. But if you have a friend who is a bibliophile then understand one thing- your friend and his/her books share an unbreakable bond.



It was the national talent hunt competition. She came here with lot of hopes. Waiting at the backstage she could hear her name being announced. She was being called for her performance. Suddenly her old fears returned. The performances of all the participants who performed before her were extraordinary and this realisation made her feel more and more nervous.

She remembered the last time she auditioned for a talent show, she was five years old then. She couldn’t even open her mouth for singing and she started crying on the stage itself. That moment she decided never to give any performance ever in her life.

Twelve years later, today she was once again auditioning for the talent hunt show. But this time it was for him. She could never disappoint him. He had full confidence on her talent and trusted her more than she trusted herself. She gathered all her guts and decided to perform.

He was seated on the first row with hope in his eyes. She took a breath, closed her eyes and started singing. The crowd started applauding her as soon as her performance was over and soon the auditorium was filled with cheers from all the people. She was elated. And there she could see him standing and clapping. His eyes were beaming. Finally she succeeded in making him proud. Yes her father was proud of her that day and she was happy that she was finally successful in fulfilling her father’s wish and made him happy.



Since this is my first post I decided to write about something which stops people from achieving their goals: the decision to leave your work halfway  and deciding to quit. Everyone is filled with ideas and dreams to achieve big things in their life. But it is disappointing to see that most of the people stop chasing their dreams once they fail. The fear of losing haunts them. It holds them back from trying. Moreover the taunts and negative comments from people around them kills their confidence. So whenever you get stuck in such a situation just think about an ant who manages to cross any obstacle kept in front of it by going over it, under it or around it. Just make a resolution of trying just one more time whenever you fail and you are sure to succeed because: WHAT A HUMAN MIND CAN CONCEIVE, BELIEVE AND DARE IT CAN SURELY ACCOMPLISH..!!!